Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Why and How to do Joomla to Wordpress Migration

Joomla is the cms like wordpress. Both work on open source platform and almost same. But Wordpress take the advantage because of easy to use, intuitive interface, easy to customize, many customizable themes, many plugins, functions, SEO friendly and with more extension possibilities. There are limits for Joomla CMS. If you are running a website on Joomla and wants to switch to Joomla, then you can hire a professional developer to take Joomla to Wordpress Migration services.

Easy to use – User can easily install wordpress blog very fast, without any problem. On the other hand Joomla is also a user friendly but it doesn't provide technical or non-technical support as Wordpress does.

Interface – A webmaster with minimal HTML or php knowledge is able to deal with wordpress troubles. He don't have to hire professional website developer to resolve the normals issues.

Many Plugins – There are so many plugins available for wordpress portal. A webmaster can make his website secure with available plugins. Wordpress.org offers so many plugins to secure website for small sites as well as big website.

SEO – Each website wants to rank in search engine. So wordpress introduce seo plugin to their users. With the help of seo plugins a website can stand better in search engines. There are so many plugins available online.

Support – After installing theme & plugin in website every body face some error or want to customize the theme and plugin. So each theme developer and plugin developer provide their own support to make their products better.

How to convert Joomla to Wordpress or How to migrate Joomla to Wordpress.
If you wants to migrate or convert your joomla website to wordpress there are different ways. First one is copy/paste. Copying all topics and then paste it into new website will take so much time. You've to create all categories, menus step by steps.  For small website it is simple task, but if you've a big website then it really gonna take so much time.

You may use CMS2CMS an automated cms migration service, which will help you to migrate your joomla website into wordpress website very quickly. It will save your time and your pocket. But still you've to check all.

Hire a professional Joomla to Wordpress service, hiring professional developer will cost you some but provide you 100% accuracy in your data.

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