Wednesday 15 July 2020

10 Ultimate Strategies to Enhance the User Experience on Your E-commerce Website

In this competitive world of eCommerce, where everyone is fighting for the same space and rank, it’s quite tough to tackle the competition and make your place. However, there are some tricks to enhance the user experience of your E-commerce website. As a well-versed Website Development Company, we have performed all the strategies on our way of success.  

10 Ultimate Strategies to Enhance the User Experience On Your E-commerce Website

In this article, we are sharing our experience in the shape of 10 ultimate strategies to enhance the user experience.  
Let’s take a look!

10 Ultimate Strategies to Enhance the User Experience for eCommerce-

Optimize for mobiles- It’s no more a secret now that mobiles have been taking-off the place of other operating systems. And why would they don’t? Mobile phones are handy, easy to use and break all the place restrictions. Users love to search from mobile phones, so do Google crawlers love to crawl for mobiles. And maybe that's the reason behind all new sites are being indexed using Google’s mobile-first indexing. In the case of eCommerce, everyone wants to sell the 

Pro-tips- Use those website developing platforms that are mobile friendly and Hire Website Developing Experts and ask them for your site’s mobile optimization. 
Loading speed- User hates to wait, 1s to 3s delay in load time can bounce back over 32% visitors or wannabe customers. Instant of that, 3s to 6s delay and 90% of visitors are back from your site or maybe searching their products on other competitive sites. In the case of eCommerce, everyone wants to sell their products, and users want to buy as well as soon.  

Pro-tips-  Use loading time checker applications such as GTmetix and check Yslow score and many more site speed related things. However, there can be some technical reasons for slow site speed, so it will be better to Consult Website Development Experts.    

Easy navigation- Easy site navigation leads to easy visitor interaction. Especially in the case of e-commerce websites, when customers can easily find their product, then only they can buy it. So make it effortless for them to visit what they want to see. Well-develop the search menu and make it simple to visit one product to similar others such as Amazon and Ajio are best to present examples. 

Pro-tips-  Use everything that can make shoppers' jobs easy. It maybe looks easy to you while developing, as you’re familiar with your site, so hire Ecommerce developers to tell you about the obstacles. 
Personalize experiences- Everyone loves to feel special! This thought leads to our next strategy. You might notice offline shoppers-how they please their customers. The new-age shopping strategies follow the same but digitally.

Pro-tips- Try Salesforce or Digital Marketing Strategies to build personalized customer experience. It will enhance CRM via the latest tricks and pleasing content. Ensure that when a user leaves via any interruption, he/she can continue from where they left off.    
Create great product information- While writing product descriptions, keep 2 things in mind: write it catchy & attractive and use keywords. Learn off keyword is the combination of words, which are searchable and relevant. Pulse don’t forget to keep your product description in bullets with all the features included.     

Pro-tips-  Never forget your customer is in a hurry yet he/she wants to buy the best. It is a known fact now that almost 70% of customers like to check the bullet points rather than the upper long paragraph.    

Experimental Interactive design- Something that looks exclusive becomes the center of attention. Users love to take a look that looks different and attractive, so if your site has an interactive vibe, it surely appeals to the visitors. To improve UX(user experience), eye on content, users' goal, business goal, and interaction. All of this will lead you towards better actions, reactions, communications, and transactions. 

Pro-tip- Use CTA (call to action) button on-site and make your users take action fast. This action will make your site more interactive. If you don’t know how and where to use CTA buttons, enlist Website Development Experts.       

Implement a simple & secure checkout Process- More simple the check out process quick they seal the deal. It has been seen that almost 27% of users leave products because of complicated payment procedures. Make your site secure enough to be trusted, use SSL, and other security measures. 

Pro-tips-  Keep the following points in mind.
●      Remove checkout page distractions
●      Avoid asking for repetitive information
●      Allow users to use their respective google accounts

Get on social media- Social media are no passing treads it’s for always. According to Statista, 2.95 billion people were using social media in 2019, and it will turn 3.43 billion until 2023. Social media has users, and one should not miss the opportunity to target enormous amounts of traffic.    

Pro-tips-  To understand customer's behavior and keep them updated with the insights of your products, social media is an ideal medium. For maintaining your social media presence create your company social media pages today or hire the SMM experts to help you.      
Virtual assistance- We mentioned earlier, customers seek for attention. Altering them via emails, and attracting them via the latest blogs, SMO posts, videos are a great way to offer additional assistance. Other than that, there are so many other ways to add virtual reality or AI-enable components to your site. 

Pro-tips Strats with a virtual chatbot. This will fill the communication gap and play a vital role to enhance customer service. They will be available for your customers 24/7 in place of yours.   

Trust through transparency- Successful businesses have trust and transparency as their foundations. Customers seek for the true information, and if you directly provide them with it, they will start trusting you in no time. Information about the exchange, product details, and return policies, shipping and delivery regulations, additional costs, etc.  

Final thoughts

The first focus that is followed by successful brands is the Customer-first design approach. They understand customers' needs and design websites accordingly. To enhance engagement, websites should concentrate on UX, other aspects. Functionality, visual aesthetics, speed, accessibility, simplicity, and performance is something you should maintain for a better user experience. 

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